The Poster

One thing many are unaware of is that Bruce published a companion poster. Whereas the "Chinese Gung Fu" book sold for $5.00, the "instruction chart"/poster sold for only $1.00. I have no idea how many were sold but I have only seen two others in more than 40 years of collecting. 

The poster is unhung with no holes in the corners or evidence of tape - some feathering along the edges but essentially very good condition with slight yellowing of the paper due to its age. It is a two-sided black/white poster folded in fourths. The full size is approximately 22 1/2" tall by 17 1/2" wide. My guess is that many less copies of the poster were sold than the book. Of the ones that were sold, it's likely many were poked with thumbtacks or hung up on walls with tape and then at some point torn down and thrown away.